Bigg Boss 16 Promo Out

The competitors and topic of Salman Khan-facilitated Bigg Boss 16 have not been declared at this point. The unscripted TV drama will air on Colors Tv.Colors on Sunday disclosed the thrilling first secret of Bollywood whiz Salman Khan-facilitated hostage unscripted TV drama Bigg Boss Season 16.

The inscription of the secret common via web-based entertainment read, “Motel 15 saalon mein sabne khela apna game, lekin stomach muscle baari hai Bigg Boss ke khelne ki👁️. Dekhiye #BiggBoss16 jald hello there, sirf #Colors standard!”

The mystery starts with looks at past times of Bigg Boss. In the video, have Salman Khan is heard saying that up to this point, the crowd has seen the round of the contenders. Be that as it may, this season Bigg Boss will play the game. The host implies that nothing is as it appears to be in the new time of Bigg Boss. Toward the finish of the mystery, Salman emphasizes that Bigg Boss will be a piece of the game in Bigg Boss Season 16.

The outline for Season 16 of Bigg Boss peruses, “Consider the possibility that you get up one morning and you understand the world has flipped around. The moon ascends in the day; gravity does not exist anymore; time moves against clockwise, and nothing seems OK any longer! Your biggest feelings of dread will appear to be a far off cheerful memory. Be careful as another first light is coming where you ought to expect only the unforeseen. Attach your safety belts as it’s that season when all the show and amusement unfurl. Indeed, you read it right! COLORS is good to go to bring back the pristine time of India’s number one unscripted TV drama ‘BIGG BOSS’ with the unrivaled megastar Salman Khan as the host.”

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